Friday, April 3, 2009

Out with Old in with the New

When My husband and I bought our home I had a "huge" issue with our fireplace. It was off center, flat and dirty looking. Of course, I wanted to paint it right away and he looked at me like I had just killed his whole family . . . All he said to me is, "You can't paint brick." Well, our second child was on the way and I cringed every time I looked at the fireplace. Nothing made it pretty and I really mean nothing! Not even flowers or a huge picture (trying to cover the ugly thing up). Nothing! Every time someone would come over I would always make an excuse for it. After the 100th excuse I was done. Plus, my hormones from my pregnancy were kicking in and I put my foot down and said were painting it and adding a mantel. This is the ugliest fireplace I have ever seen and it embarrasses me. He didn't a make a face or even a comment. Thank goodness, Few!

BEFORE fireplace

- in transition -

AFTER fireplace

Out with the Old in with the New . . .


  1. this looks awesome!!! i am such a fan of painted brick:)

  2. Me too! What was my husband thinking!!!!! It looks so much better . . . YES!


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