Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The joy of being young again. . .

I just wanted to share my adorable little guy with you all . . .


I have to remember the special things in my life, my children. Last night my son, Ryan, was trying to move this bamboo stool all over the house. He was so determined. Love that about him . . . Nothing can stop him! I laughed so hard! Ryan is now 1 years old & into everything! He thinks he's 20 & can drive. We forget how fast our little ones grow up . . . I can't believe Ryan is now moving furniture through out my entire house. He thinks it's OK too. Hello, your only 1. Ryan eats everything (has to do it by himself) & drinks milk (no more formula, Yippee!) too. Today he had orange juice for the first time. That was a sight to see! I'm so thankful for my children & love them so so much! Love you Ryan!

AHHHH . . . The joy of being young again!

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  1. Okay, so I seriously try not to comment stalk your blogs, but I just HAD to comment on this one...I bought a teal stool from you very similar to the one shown above months ago, and now all Harper EVER wants to do is flip it over and push it around the house!!!! It's actaully right in front of me, up side down right now because I haven't taken the time yet to fix it. And of course the second I place it perfectly back in it's little corner, he'll be at it again! Those darn little one year olds, can't get enough! Gotta love them.


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