Saturday, February 24, 2018

t-shirt s a l e

r u s t i c  r o o s t e r
t - shirt
Made by: Custom Logos
 - brand new -
$ 8.00 each
{7 left}
Talk about a t-shirt from the p a s t... I was opening boxes in our rooster storage unit and I found a few of these brand new XL rustic rooster t-shirts. I had a nice little chuckle when I opened up the box. I can't even tell you how many people back in the day used to roam around town in them. Good memories! I think they would be perfect for sleeping in, lounging around the house or even a gift to an out of town guest!  So if you want a t-shirt with our rustic rooster logo, e-mail me or text me at 760.436.2171. I don't think you want to pass this fabulous deal up! $ 8.00 each!

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