Thursday, May 19, 2016


I do know when I think something is fabulous I definitely want to share it with you all... So last week I ventured down to Ikea to pick up a rug for my little office space. Yes, I picked up the usual  {$1.99 100 pack of white napkins} and  no I didn't get a cinnamon roll this time... I swear {haha}! As I was checking out I noticed a huge bin full of dish towels for .79 cents each. I picked one up and my mind started racing... Oh my I need new kitchen towels mine look like I washed the car last week with them. Just being honest here... Then all of a sudden I thought they would look adorable at a farm table as dinner napkins. They're chunky and sturdy yet delicate and simple. Absolutely perfect! So I   took the plunge and stuffed my cart with 12 of them. 8 for dinner parties and 4 for the kitchen. Oh if you really want to take these towels over the top... Get them monogrammed. The skies the limit {love}!  I have to go back to Ikea for a couple more things... So I'm definitely going to get more! If I were you I would run not walk to get these dish towels... Enjoy this deal! 


  1. Who are the bamboo utensils from and the tea towls are great.

    1. Hi! Thanks... The combo together is wonderful!
      The bamboo utensils are from World Market. Enjoy... xoxo


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