Monday, April 4, 2016

motivation monday

Todays the day... I can feel it in my bones. lol I'm going to be motivated to blog! Ok I'll try to blog more. I really will try! So with that said, I want to bring up a new idea that I would like to try... I want to start an online viewing page of our furniture and accessories that we sell. I started to notice that some can't go to our Coastal "alley" SALES and contact me by phone or email to purchase what i've posted... And it's super easy for me to post a picture of the pieces. I guess what I'm really trying to say... It's fast and easy and I think more people will like this better. Capisce... lol What do you all think?

I'll post a few pictures with measurements and the price. I'm going to be starting a new rustic rooster market page... With the furniture and accessories that we're selling on it. Stay tuned for that Instagram account to come up! I'll link everything together so it's super easy! At first I'm only going to do local pick up to start this adventure off. If you must have the piece{s} and live far far away... I can ship, but I will need your credit card to charge for shipping. We can discuss that if you're truly interested! I won't rule anything out!

I'll keep you posted... It's in the works. I want it on the website as well! So much to do {wink}!


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