Saturday, March 19, 2016


Hi everyone... I know its been a little while since I've actually blogged. Man, Oh Man... Life for me has been a little busy. In a good way. Definitely no complaints here! First off, lets celebrate that my kids yard sale is done {yaaaa}. Thanks to all that showed up... WOW that was an awesome sale! Taylor and Ryan made much more than they anticipated. Plus,  I feel so much lighter and refreshed that everything is out of my courtyard and gone, gone, gone!  Weird, I know, but clutter and dis-organization makes me actually very upset and  frustrated. Ha ha I'm a therapists dream... {wink}! My concentration and functionality  goes down about a thousand percent. Yes, call me crazy... My mom already does. Hey, at least I can admit that... {huge smile}

But, work has been amazing for me. So my silence is because I'm in my little office creating plans, putting estimates and invoices together. The behind the scenes for a designer isn't unicorns and fairies... It's long days and nights and tons of research and paperwork! haha I'm all about the truth right now... Ask and you shall receive!

Don't you just love all these pictures... So cozy and comfy in my eyes. I'm excited spring is near! This winter hasn't really been that bad here in Southern California. I could handle it. Could you? I will leave you with one tip... Do small things with great love! In the end you will thank yourself. I used to spread myself so thin that I would get overwhelmed and my master {head} plan would crash and burn. So now I do little things and make them amazing! Try it... I think it might work for you! 


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