Thursday, March 24, 2016

happy birthday


I can't wrap my head around this... My daughter is 10 years old today. Oh my gosh! How did this happen... I just gave birth to her! I feel like crying and screaming from a roof top saying... NO slow down baby doll! Stop growing! This little angel has taught me so much... How to be honest, how to be truthful  and actually how to see kindness in others who aren't so kind back. She will make you think and understand that not everyone can be as fortunate as we are... You really do stop in your tracks because she is so pure! Our late night talks, our silly car rides and our "truth" sessions are mind blowing. What I learn from her {daily}... You can't learn anywhere else. I want to make better choices because of her... My children   will always {no matter what} be number one in my world! True love forever! I love taking time out of my day to look at her and listen to her! So fun!  I do believe she was sent to me from heaven for a reason... Thank you! Wait... Stop... Taylor has just entered the double digits. No! Ok moms you know what I'm feeling right now. Scared and extremely excited for her all at the same time! I'm not ready for Taylor to grow up. This girls love for life is insane. She will melt your heart in one sitting. I am so happy to call Taylor my daughter... Happy Birthday Taylor Michelle! Welcome to the double digit club {wink}... I love you with all my heart! 

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