Wednesday, March 2, 2016

for my kids {yard sale}

You know when you don't want to do something {at the moment}, but it's for your little ones so you kind of feel guilty... So you have do it {uggghhhhh}! My plate is above and beyond full with work... Which is an amazing thing {not complain about that at all}, but you just want simplicity in your life so everything in your perfect world will run smoothly... Ya that's not happening! So listen up people... My kids {and myself} with a few other friends are having a H U G E yard sale! Ok it's a good thing because we are cleaning out my families storage unit and getting rid of a lot of things {a lot}. Shhh it feels so good! I think you will want to come to this one! Hey, if anyone wants to participate and sell with us you are more than welcome too... Just contact me {} and we can discuss the details... I do have some fun and silly rules that you must do if you do join in {like maybe wear a fur coat while selling your stuff... just kidding}.

Sunday, March 13th 
 8:00am to 12ish 

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