Thursday, September 17, 2015


Fall is definitely around the corner...  I felt it last night. The crisp air was so nice after the insane heat wave we've had here in San Diego. Has anyone else's hair been as bad as mine... I swear all I've been able to do is just throw it up in a top bun and go. Super easy, but I started getting headaches from pulling my hair up all day. Good times!  Now on another note,  I'm ready to throw on some jeans with true ease... Not like Ross from friends putting leather pants on {remember that episode... too funny}. OMG I swear these last few weeks have been hysterical for me. The hair and full freak out getting jeans on. Not going to lie their were days I thought I was gaining tons of weight and was going to just wear a mumu all day long {shhh I kind of did}.  The struggle is so real... Hopefully with the cooler weather the truth will come out. Being a girl is so hard! hahaha Ok I'll go back to my topic... {wink} After doing my daily Jcrew check in... I've decided that I would like to wear more collared shirts. Seriously if you looked in my closet you would think I was working in corporate America. I have tons of button up shirts.   So this year is going to be a dress shirts with jeans kind of year. I adore that look... So professional, but still causal. Ok weather when you officially switch to fall I will get my new uniform on. Do you have a uniform? What is it...  


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