Tuesday, September 8, 2015

old + new

Every designer has their specialty. I think that's what makes each one of us so desirable {wink} in this industry! If we were all the same... How boring would that be. For example, I love taking something old and transforming it into something new. I know a lot of people rather start from scratch and completely gut a home. I enjoy that too... But looking at a space and pumping new life into it is so challenging for me. New trim, new floors, new lighting... To new paint color. Just those little things can make such a huge difference! Take a peek at a home I transformed in North county. It was a 1950's ranch style. We took each room and just updated them... I can't even tell you how amazing it looks in person. 


Remember you can always start small... The little things make such a huge difference! I know you want to redo your home all at once... But sometimes the budget or being overwhelmed doesn't allow you too. That's ok! Go slow and enjoy the process. You will love transforming your home when you think about each step. I can't do everything at once, but when I realize what I want to do I make a list and check everything off one by one... That keeps me sane {and my wallet intact}.  Remember to have fun when you're renovating your home! Their are more important things in life to worry about than a paint color! Have fun!!!!


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