Monday, August 17, 2015

a time to celebrate...


Today is definitely a day to celebrate. I know some of you will get it and some won't {wink}. Got you thinking right?!?! Hmmm what is today? My birthday {no... that's in september}, a holiday {labor day... sept. 7th}, national cupcake day {that's december 15th}... NO... It's actually even better... TODAY IS THE 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR MY KIDS!!!! Not going to lie I adore my kids, but man I'm one tired momma. My little ones and myself have been on the go go go all summer long, especially this last week. I took a week off to enjoy every second with them. I have lost my temper and needed to walk away, but over all we had a blast. We went to laguna for a night, spend countless hours with the cousins, went to the movies,  road slides at aquatic, had free ice skating lessons, shopped till we dropped, got haircuts,  watched dive in movies at the club, swam our hearts out, beached it, snuggled on the couch watching old episodes of Hanna Montana {that was sure a cute tv show}... And did many many more fun things!  So now I hope you get why I'm ready for school to start today... I look forward to my old routine and getting back to work! 


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