Tuesday, September 30, 2014

tuesday {tell all}

This has been on my mind since this weekend... Are you prepared for any medical emergencies?  I'm sure not! Arghhhhh I feel so guilty to say that I need to do this! So much to do in such little time!

Last Saturday My son, Ryan, hit his head on my car. No joke it was a random accident. We all were getting silly after Taylor's soccer game. Ryan hit his head on my break light. OMG I saw it happen. It happened so fast that I couldn't stop him. I went into mommy nurse mode... Grabbed Ryan and quickly nestled him into my stomach applying pressure to his head. Of course whispering shhhh you're ok, shhhhh and acting very calm. I looked down and blood was everywhere. I had a mild heart attack! As I was trying to get Sean's attention, I said the word blood which Ryan heard and freaked out. Everyone who stopped  and helped, thank you so much! We are truly grateful... Thank you!!!!!

So this post was prompted to tell you all be prepared for an emergency {numbers and supplies}! I did buy an emergency kit for our cars last year... Thank God it had an ice bag in it, but it needed much more!  So now, my goal is to have my car packed with proper medical supplies, extra towels, an updated medical/contact list {laminated}... And food and water. Life throws us these eye-opening events for a reason...  We're either prepared or not. I do have to say we were half prepared.  So here's a print out of a medical contact sheet and a blog that has a list of proper things to pack in a First Aid Kit for your house, car and office. Do it people... You never know when you'll need it {hopefully never}, but it's good to be prepared!!!! Hope this tuesday tell all... Opened up your eyes to get this done! 

mommy nurse

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