Thursday, September 11, 2014


Don't laugh... But my roommate in college used to say to me, You should be a foot model. You could make so much money! OMG just think of all the things "we" could do with a few hundred dollars. You have gorgeous feet. Of course I thought I could... She was a great motivator {thanks Tia}. I believed I could do it {wink}! So one afternoon we decided to get out the  wanted ads and look up foot modeling agencies. OMG... No joke every place we found... Was all for foot porn. Well, my foot modeling career ended very quickly after the last phone call we made. I think I peed in my pants laughing so hard. Oh a girl could dream! hahaha But, for some reason when I started the rustic rooster's Instagram account... I think my foot modeling career took off. I would just take a picture of my feet depending, where I was, what I was doing or what shoe I had on {poc = pop of color} that day. Now, I do get teased about my feet shots... But you know what A girl can dream. lol Do you take selfies or footsies! 


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