Monday, January 6, 2014

fresh 2014

It's all do, do, do in 2014! I'm so excited... One of our back office's {most expensive storage rooms in all of Encinitas} is getting a face lift. New paint and new flooring... I think I'm going to sell all 3 chandeliers and get 3 new lights. Not 100% sure on that quite yet... Baby steps! {If you are interested please contact me... They all work fabulous!!!!}

I'm painting the room white and adding a light blond flooring. This room has a tendency to get super dark randomly during the day. So I'm lightening it up and making it open and fresh... I'll show you all the new floor that's going in on Saturday. No joke I can barely contain myself. Do you think it's odd I'm doing all this right during my home move? Guess, I just want to get all the craziness out of the way all at once! hahaha

I'm really looking forward to a fresh new start... Positive thoughts and outlook only in 2014!


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