Thursday, November 21, 2013

fall loving...


As I sit at my desk this morning sipping my hot coffee and...  Listening to Michael Buble I can't help but gravitate towards these warm fall inspirations off of pinterest! The classics are popping out left and right to me!  

A warm burnt orange jacket looks stunning and radiant on the streets day or evening... Buttery pumpkin pancakes send my mouth watering... Brass truly warms my soul... A house with black shutters can never go unnoticed in my eyes... A cashmere throw can only bring a smile to your face and a table setting with persimmons and magnolia leaves makes a beautiful statement for all to enjoy! 

I know our Southern California weather has been so weird. One day cool, one day cloudy, one day rainy... And then bamn the next day hot and beautiful! A girl can definitely  dream all this fall goodness. What are your fall inspirations... Color? Cool? Calm? Neutral... The classics? What? Would love to hear!


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