Sunday, June 9, 2013

life's precious moments...


Well, this happened on Friday...  My little guy graduated from pre-school.  I know it might be a party thrower for some, but because so much has happened to me in the last few months I was pretty emotional. I wanted time to stand still. I tried my hardest to soak everything up that day... But it was so hard because all I really wanted to do was sit in the middle of the floor and cry. Since my fathers passing I've felt that butterflies are his way of saying hello to me. Call me crazy, but their is a butterfly that always comes to moms house when me and the kids are over. No joke it sits on our hands and touches moms shoulder. Absolutely beautiful... And I sometimes see it flying in my front yard. The same one {i hope}. So at the end of Ryan's preschool celebration they sang a butterfly song. I truly almost lost it. I shoved my camera in my face and shot picture after picture so no one could see my tears of joy and sadness! It was amazing! I knew my dad was there with us. Thank you Marisa for capturing this special picture of me and my son... I absolutely love it! Life is so precious... Hold onto it and cherish every single moment you can! Happy graduation Ryan Scully! As I always say, I love you with all my heart Ryan! 


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