Friday, January 11, 2013

big girl request {interior design}

When you get a call from a client that needs to change her sweet baby girl's room to a big girl's room you don't hesitate one bit! Changing a room to reflect the growth of a child is so much fun because it hits home to me... I have a little girl growing like a weed! This project was so much fun for me... Hello pops of pink, blankets of turquoise, vibrant yellow mixed in with watermelon splashes! Now that's a little girl's room... Lucky!

Taking a crib out of a room for a child can be a big deal. That's all they know! So when you do so, you need to make the next transition be very fun for them. Distract the little one with colors and fluffy pillows, new night stands, chalkboard walls, vintage mirrors, custom silhouettes and a big poof ball... Oh my! The moment you do that the child will never remember their crib again. All they'll want to do is get in the big kid bed! Get them involved so they feel a part of their new room. Believe me that helps a lot... Of course you get the final say {smile}!


Just remember... Because your child is growing up that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Enjoy life with your little one!!! Shhhh maybe it's your time to bring out your inner wild side. lol



  1. This room is beautiful. I just took down my daughter's crib yesterday and put up the new "big girl" bed. Perfect timing for me to read this as we transition her room.

  2. Looks so cute. I am getting ready to go from making the "big girl" room into the "preteen" room. AHHHHH!!! Maybe you could post some suggestions on how to do this?

  3. Wow, love the soft colors how pretty and fun this room looks. Great design girl. Humble Abode


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