Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today's a big day... Are you VOTING? Who are you voting for?
Please tell... But, please be nice! We have freedom of speech so be 
kind to what ever decision each person makes. We need to respect 
each and every ones decision.  We have lost respect and kindness
in the world today. Because I vote one way doesn't mean I'm a bad 

Just do me one favor... get up and VOTE today!!! 

* If you come in the rustic rooster with your "I voted" sticker... We will give you 10% off your entire purchase for today!


  1. My vote is going to Romney!

  2. I am reading this late, voted for Romney. I agree, it seems we are not supposed to have opposing views if you do and you express them, it gets ugly:(

  3. Sherru & Anonymous,

    My vote was for Romney too... I do agree if we express ourselves we need to do it in a very simple and soft manor {classy} because others judge or get very upset. It's sad that people don't listen anymore... People need to wake up & get an attitude adjustment. Or a {pre-school} timeout!

    xoxo, Alexandra


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