Monday, November 12, 2012

baked with love

Good morning everyone!  
 As promised I wanted to share a super easy and fun recipe for making {heart} donuts. No joke my little ones made them with me... Easy!  I kept seeing all these blogger mommy's making donuts and then pinterest really did it for me... Sent me over the edge!   This blog {here} helped me make my donuts. No joke I made these donuts in approximately 10ish minutes.

Step 1: 
Purchase the Pillsbury Grands, Homestyle buttermilk biscuits. 
{makes 8 donuts and 8 donut holes}

Step 2: 
Gather your mini cookie cutters {or anything that is round or fun}... I went with a mini heart cookie cutter. How cute would it be to use mini Christmas trees, stars, butterflies, flowers or even mini alphabet letters... The sky's the limit! Fun!  

Step 3: 
Pop open the package and lay all 8 biscuits out on a chopping block... Get an extra plate out so when you cut your centers out you can save them for making donut holes. Perfect bites for the dieter {portion control}!

Step 4: 
Fill a pan or a pot 1/2 up with Vegetable Oil turn it on Medium heat... Wait till you see the oil start to bubble. Then put approximately 3 to 4 donuts in the pan/pot. Turn them all over when they turn golden brown. Watch closely because this process goes very fast. 

{please note: I took this picture from {here}}

 Step 5: 
Put the donuts in a pan on a paper towel to let the oil drain off... Plus, let them cool down. Once you have done that...

Step 6:
Dip the donuts in a bowl of melted butter... Let the butter drip off. Coat the entire donut.

Step 7:
Dip the buttered donut in a bowl of sugar and cinnamon  

All done and ready to gobble up! 

No joke I could have eaten all these donuts up... Aren't they adorable! I had to package the extras up and hand deliver them to family and friends. 
They're amazing... Go make them. You'll thank me later!  


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