Monday, May 14, 2012

need a little help

So... You need a little help envisioning what to do with glass fishing floats... 
Let the rustic rooster help {guide} you! 

1.) They're perfect as decor on your dining table... Indoor or outdoor. I just love catching my guests eye with something extremely creative when entertaining... They will be blown away by your creativity. 

2.) Your bookshelves could use a little pop of nautical sea color... Green!  A coastal favorite! They can help fill up space & bring your eye up!

3.) Use them in your entry of your home... Pretend the Glass fishing floats were your grandfathers, brothers, uncles, fathers! Stories are good! {wink}  

4.) OK... You can use them on your coffee table... ONLY under 1 condition... You don't have little ones under the age of 6. I can just see it now... "Oh mommy, you got beach balls for us to play with!" Hmmm not a good idea.  But, doesn't it look amazing on a coffee table! Gorgeous!!!

 The rustic rooster can help with all of your decorating questions. Ask... We LOVE to help. Stop by the rooster to see our glass fishing floats. 

They're beautiful!


  1. Love this post! Seaglass floats are one of our most favorite coastal accent pieces!

    1. Mine too! They're perfect anywhere in a home!!!! xoxo, Alexandra


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