Sunday, March 18, 2012

party party {forever}

I'm in the middle of planning my daughter's 6th birthday party right now. Wow, I can't believe she's going to turn 6! Time sure flies! I remember like it was yesterday, I was pregnant with her... & scared to death. {smile} It is true what they say... Hold on & cherish every moment you have with your children. I know this is going to sound silly, but yesterday I met a window washer outside of Subway who told me... Hold, kiss & hug your children in the good, the bad & the ugly because those days will be over sooner than later. He literally was brought to tears. My heart ached for him... It then made me think about being a parent. You really start to think how do you solve problems with your children, how do you discipline... Do you give them the world in love or gifts?
I'm going to shower my children with love, love, & more love... & hold them till they scream... Mom let me go {never}!!! I'm going to throw them lavish parties filled with joy, laughter & tons of color! My family is going to party party till we can't any longer... It's time to get back to planning her B.I.G 6th birthday party! Oh this is going to be so much fun! The colors, the ideas the love that's going to go into this little shindig! Get ready Taylor for a fabulous 6th birthday party!

{all images from pinterest}


  1. Do you know where the chairs are from? I need some of those for our backyard!! Are they kid-sized?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Yes, they are kid sized... Love them! Here's the website to order: Good luck!
      xoxo, Alexandra

  2. Thanks so much! Boy are they pricey....
    Funny enough as I was catching up on blogs tonight I also found something similar at PotteryBarnKids...
    Plus 15% off right now... hmmm...


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