Saturday, February 25, 2012

seeing red...

I've noticed that I've started going towards red lately... Weird or totally cool? Hmmm you be the judge! I feel that red has such a strong & dominating presence about it that it just sucks you in...  

Red geraniums... Enough said! They're gorgeous! Every time I walk by a house with geranium's I can't help but, stop & smile. Then I silently say... You look beautiful darling. Grow baby grow... {smile}!

Look at these adorable plaid shorts from crewcuts {j-crew kids store}... A must for our family trip to Vermont this summer. It says watch out here I {Ryan} come! Plus, I think I'll be able to spot Ryan out & about. haha

Who doesn't love a classic gingham tie... The perfect match with blue & white seersucker pants & a crisp white oxford shirt. Done! Wrap it up... I'll take it for Little man Ryan!!!! Easter attire complete! {wink}

OK I almost melted when I saw these in the lands end kids catalogue the other day... They showed it as an Easter Basket. I love that idea. As some of you might know... I'm obsessed with Tote bags. I have so many that I think it's kind of scary... Beach bag, toy bag, baby bag, ballet bag, car bag, lunch bag, snack bag... You name it I've got it. Shhh I would have a bag that said toilet paper if I could, but I know Sean would really shoot me then! Oh even the rooster has a tote bag! Gotta represent the rooster & take that to interior design meetings.  

Ahhhh a classic Red bamboo chair at your office desk. Done! I'm in love.... I think the chair says, I make very important decisions in the chair!

Last, but not least... Don't you just love this bathroom?!?!? It screams lets play! Ok I know I'm a little dramatic, but it's just such a happy bathroom to me. I could defeintly take a bath here & feel refreshed!

My new goal working with design clients is to add a little pop of color to each room. Of course I'm all about the classic bones of a room, but it doesn't hurt to be a little daring. Don't fear color... Hey, it might just bring a little spice to your life. So do you think I'm weird or cool on seeing red? {smile}

Hope you all have a red hot Saturday!

{all other sources... rooster geraniums & pinterest}


  1. I am very much into red at the moment, so I don't think you're weird at all. You're coming to VT? Have a wonderful time. Where will you be? HOPEFULLY you'll need shorts. You might want a red cardi to go with them. Some summers are pretty chilly.

  2. Hi Daryl,

    My uncle just built a beautiful home in Vermont so were going this July for a month. Yaaaa I can't wait. I will let you know where. The kids are so excited! If were close or in the same town I would love to meet you!!!! :) xoxo, Alexandra

  3. love the bamboo chair and desk! i hope you'll take photos of your uncles place!! xoxoA

  4. i love red geraniums!! and red in the home too. i know it sort of goes in and out of fashion but i've never stopped liking it! so did you bring home the big prize for your pie baking??!! :) xo, tessa


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