Friday, February 3, 2012

before & after: classic lines meets a pop of transitional fun

When you're hired by someone who trusts you & truly believes in you... You feel very special. You want to work hard & shine for them.  No joke... My client makes me feel like a Queen when we have meetings. Who doesn't want to feel like a Queen. Thanks D! I hope you love your new family room?!?! I know I could sure move in. {smile}

We started this process a little while back. Unfortunately, we had a little fabric issue... Not once but, twice. This happens... If I could I would be weaving the fabric myself in the back office. Oh my gosh that would be a sight to see. So of course this project got a little delayed. It all worked out in the long run. The room looks fabulous. Here's a before picture of the family room...
{before family room}

She wanted color. She wanted clean lines. She wanted  classic bones mixed in with contemporary elements. She wanted a  traditional feel that meets simplicity.  Most of all she didn't want clutter... I've come up with Classic lines meets a pop of transitional fun.  

{family room after}

Listening to a client is key. I'm not going to be living in your home. I want you to be happy & if you're not happy... I'm not happy. Stay tuned a gorgeous Abacus chair is arriving shortly... {love}  Plus, I look forward to designing more rooms in your home. We're having way too much fun!  


  1. gorgeous! love it!! especially the little details ~ orange gingham pillows + banding on the drapes + fabulous blue lamp! well done!! xo

  2. Beautiful job! Love the fabric and that amazing lamp!


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