Tuesday, May 17, 2011

office peek

I'd been delaying an office project for a little while now, just so I could find the perfect furniture pieces & accessories for the room. I was struggling to nail down the right items. Everything I saw out there was so new & typical. Then I saw her...   An old reclaimed barn wood cabinet. You know some people say when you cross over to the other side, "Heaven", you see angels, everything is glowing & you're finally relaxed... Well, this piece did it for me. 
{progress peek}

My mother was on one of her buying trips &  found this vintage set of Britannica Encyclopedias. She called me to let me know what she had... I screamed & said, Sold! I was definitely on cloud nine after that call because every office needs a set! The binding on these books are exquisite.  
 Can't wait to show you more... Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait! It's lovely!

  2. Love everything about it!
    Your a super stat!

  3. I covet that piece too! Amazing


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