Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i'm alive

I was truly & utterly exhausted yesterday... I'm sure it didn't help that I didn't eat lunch & sipped a Starbucks coffee all day. Real smart! Sorry, I've been a little m.i.a. lately. I have this huge to do list at work that I've been chucking away at. So far so good! Plus, Taylor's going to Kindergarten this August so I've been spending a lot of  time with her. My emotions are at an all time high right now. I can't believe how time just passes by so fast...  Next she'll be in college.  Oh my little baby isn't a baby anymore! {omg} 

On another note... So many new &  exciting things have been taking place at the rooster. I can't even stand it!  For one I've been in meeting after meeting with new interior design clients & to add too my craziness I've been photographing all my old & new clients homes. Have you noticed on my website I've removed all of our portfolio pictures? Yup, they're gone! New & improved pictures are coming.  I've teamed up with a fabulous photographer to help me capture the exact image I would like to portray {thanks Amy}. Just wait, the shots from yesterdays shoot are amazing! 

Second, the rooster has so many new accessories coming in. Mom &  I were laughing just yesterday, saying it's going to be like Christmas this week when the new products start arriving... Thanks Santa! {lol}
Third, I really want to show you my before & after {design jobs} photos. I'm going to get better with all that. Sorry {wrist slap}!

Let's start with this...  

 {before Ryan - 1st Haircut}
{TA DA... best haircut ever... 2 1/2 years old}

OK, I just wanted to add some humor to all the craziness! Here's the real deal...  
 {room/fireplace before}
{close up of mantel... very interesting}
 {progress of  room changes... beaded board added to back of bookcases & new mantel design}
{up close of new mantel design}

Next I'll show you all the completed & finished room when my photographer sends me the final shots. They're absolutely beautiful! 

Now, Today's going to be a really fun day... A master bathroom gut {Kelly I can't wait} job! I've been dreaming about your project for weeks now.  I'll show you all the pre-pictures when I get back... Oh this will be fun!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day. It's gorgeous! Have to run to my meeting!

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