Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i am a winner

Finally... I won something!!! I was so excited to hear that I won these beautiful earrings over at La Feem {check her blog out here}. They're gorgeous!!! Funny thing is my husband who has no real care about the blogging world found out before me. Crazy what a small world we live in! I was working Christmas Eve at the rooster... My kids came in to say hi & Sean announced to me that he ran into some girl by the name of Heather at Seaside Market & I won the earrings. At first I looked at him weird & questioned what are you talking about... Then I put two & two together & almost jumped over the counter with excitement. I think I scared 1/2 the people in my store. {sorry} Oh I'm so excited! Thanks Heather for offering such beautiful earrings as a giveaway!!!! Yaaa I am a winner!!!


  1. Such a great story and so funny because here I was looking at these kids walking towards me thinking "they look familiar" then I hear "We're going to the Rooster right now..." ha ha! SO glad you won, they will look smashing. xo


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