Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i forgot about you...

Ha Ha Ha... How could I have forgotten... Wake up Alex! I was drinking my morning coffee checking out the blog world & noticed on Melissa's blog, a house I helped do the interior design ages ago. I worked with the family on their previous home in Encinitas Ranch.

Ha that's too funny. Thanks for the reminder Melissa! {wink} When we started with the house it was so old school 80's style. Pretty funny because you wouldn't think that the house would be like that from the outside. WOW... You should have seen it before Nacho & I got there. Hopefully, I can dig up some old pictures from my work computer later today to show you all. The transformation is amazing! I think the fireplace is the most spectacular transformation of all. I do have to say the homeowners collection of furniture is to die for! {you should see MaryAnn's parents little cottage by my mothers house... dream house} MaryAnn you have exquisite taste!!! Melissa, I'm with you on stealing all the furniture... Her mother has a very good eye as well! Double trouble!

Now about the stair floors... You want to know the secrete how they got this way {shhhh}. They wanted the staircase painted white... & then they wanted the stairs to have the skid resistance for the kids... Well, it didn't turn out to hot. So the stairs have been stripped from the prior mess. They turned out great!!!! A mess sometimes can turn out great! LOL
MaryAnn & Tony I hope you SELL, SELL, SELL!
I'm going to give you a call today!


  1. no wonder i love that house so much... you helped design it!!!

  2. Is this the Muret's house? I love the Wagner family! I taught their little ones and have gone to church with them for years. They are too sweet and their house is sooooo beautiful! Now if I only had the cash to buy it:)


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