Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm such a sucker for seascapes... Usually, I lean more towards the classic seascapes, but this one just grabbed me. It's a little more va va voom then I like. I think It looks pretty good next to my newly purchased fruit from Henry's... Hey, I'll be a sucker for 25.00... OMG!


  1. i'm a sucker too! i want to take painting classes so i can just make my own:)

  2. it looks cute in the kitch....where did you pick it up?

  3. Grace, I want to take a painting class too... Lets just add it to our list...

    - 5K
    - Yard sale
    - Trunk show/party
    - Painting class

    We have time right?

    Alicia... I got it at a little frame/art dealers store here in Encinitas {I’ll get the name for you}... It was on sale. I noticed it every time I would walk by... Loved it! It was one of those pieces of art work that just grabbed my attention. Then when I saw it was on sale for 25.oo {normaly 150.00}... I said MINE!

    * The rooster might be carrying his art work. Yaaaa



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