Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's back

Happy to report Sally (mom) is back from France... YAAAAAAAAAAA. Mom & dad made it home safely last night. I spoke to them & they sounded like they had just stayed up all night, had a few too many cocktails & busted out a pack of cigarettes... For the record that's NOT my parents. They don't smoke at ALL or drink (on occasions). But, it was just funny to hear their voices so rough & course.

In my family we have a rule that we talk to each other before & after each flight. We say I LOVE YOU... Well, I didn't get to talk to them this time. I was swamped at the rooster so we didn't talk... Now I have tons of pressure off my shoulders knowing that their safe & sound at home. Fhhhheeeewwwwww That won't happen again!

Hope to share some pictures with you of mom & dads adventure in France... Can't wait!!!

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