Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pee Wee Soccer

The day has finally come... Taylor is in Pee Wee Soccer. She loves it! We (daddy really did) got her ready head to toe... NEW soccer shoes, shorts & shin guards. WOW... She's official. Taylor wasn't too happy with the shorts because they were long and they weren't pink. I tried to show her that all the professional soccer girls don't have pink shorts. Kind of hard to understand when your 3 1/2... I did try. It was a little battle in the Scully household... I think my ears are still ringing! Ouch! But, we made it to the field and had a blast... Taylor's team's name is the Earthquakes and they have green t-shirts. Not my favorite color on her, but we'll survive. Daddy got her all ready and picked her number... of course only the best... # 1 for Miss Scully. Proud moment for a father and daughter. Then Taylor's BFF showed up... Miss Gwennie. They're too cute together. One moment someone is crying and then the next moment they're hugging.True love!
Well, the Earth quakes were definitely a disaster... No one wanted to get on the grass and play. All they wanted was their mom and oranges... Not bad on a hot day! Taylor, another teammate named India and Ben were the team. Ben & India were really the team. They kicked butt... Taylor just ran around and then drifted off. I don't know if Soccer is her calling but, it sounded good at the time. She going to get some good exercise... Yes!
Here's a play by play of the day:

Hurry up mom take the picture... Mr. Ryan had to be detained in his 10 dollar stroller (the best stroller ever made!) ... He had no clue what I was doing. Look at both of their faces... Hhhuuu???

The t-shirt pick... Who's # 1... Miss Scully!

Father & Daughter moment... Too cute!

Still getting ready. She had to be perfect!

Where's Ryan... You guessed it... Golfing! Kept him busy for all of 5 minutes and then all he wanted to do was get on the field and kick the soccer ball.

Polly & Gwennie getting ready... say Cheese!
Team EARTHQUAKES... Could Taylor be anymore stiff!

Getting a little practice time in... GO TAYLOR GO!
Ryan trying to get involved...

Father daughter pow wow!

I can do it... She really did well the during practice time...

All the dedicated parents...
WOW after one practice round she's a PRO... Nice bunny hop kick! Looks good! I know she didn't get that from me... Must be from dad!

Remember I told you that it was India, Taylor & Ben... Well, here they are!

Taylor & Gwennie thought holding hands on the field was OK... Thank goodness they're only 3 and they can do that. We were laughing so hard! Plus, yelling Taylor Gwenny... Run run run!

2-4-6-8- who do we appreciate......... (mommy)

ya ya ya ya GO EARTHQUAKES!!!

Tunnel time... Yaaa

Well, I can't wait till next Saturday to see if she's still excited to play. We did get a little practice in today... With full gear. That's going to be fun every time we go out side... Mommy can you help me. NO! Of course sweetie I will.....
Ahhh Pee Wee Soccer is HERE!

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  1. taylor is too cute!! harper and i were at leo mullen playground today playing and watching soccer. i couldn't get pee wee soccer out of my mind and then you posted this! too funny. collin is on a soccer team right now and that is all harper ever wants to do too. he kept wanting to run on the field! maybe he and ryan will play together:) and ps. we bought that same exact stroller when my nephew came to visit so he could cruise in it. hysterical!


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