Friday, September 18, 2009

Look what we found...

Pewter Frames...

Bamboo Frames
Black Rectangular mirror - SOLD
Red mirror

Need I say more... New Blue & White has arrived! - ALL OF THEM SOLD

Black side table - SOLD

Black night stand - SOLD

2 new mirrors - Vintage sea foam rectangular mirror & Octagonal black mirror
Little soft sea foam blue cabinet with chicken wire - SOLD

Red nightstand - SOLD

Vintage soft sea foam blue chair - SOLD

If you have any question on
pricing or measurements
please call rustic rooster,


  1. did the seafoam chicken wire cabinet sell yet? if not, i can pick up tomorrow:)

  2. Yes... It's here waiting for you!
    xoxo Alexandra

  3. i looooove the cabinet! it'll be perfect for the new house and i will take lots of pics once we are in for you to see. what is the color of it again? it's my fave!!! so great catching up with you. harper loved the sucker (it was his first one!) ryan and taylor are the cutest!!!!! we will have to have a park playdate one day soon! xoxo

  4. any chance you have a few b/w for me??
    alicia ; )


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