Saturday, September 19, 2009

I saw it FIRST!

:: front of home ::

:: pool house ::

It's MINE!

I think I've died & truly gone to heaven. I'm serious on this one. This is the exact home I would like to build & live in here in Southern California. The lines, the colors, the look, the everything is perfect... As you can tell I'm speechless right now. But, I saw it first... It's MINE! No take backs...
* Home featured in Architectural Digest by Architect Robert Stern


  1. wow. this TOTALLY reminds me of the houses in my neighborhood back in virginia. LOOOOVE it!! wish there were homes like this here. can you please build one so i can visit you all the time! or maybe i'll move into your pool house:)

  2. the guest house can be our office :)Christina

  3. I would never leave if the guest house was our office... LOL!!!
    XOXO, Alexandra


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