Friday, September 4, 2009

European Vacation

They have landed... Their in France!


I can picture them right now... Strolling along the waters edge holding hands & talking about the grand kids or maybe me! Just kidding! But the two love birds are I'm sure adorable together. All I have to say is that I hope my relationship grows the way theirs has grown... Lovers & best friends... Still (forever)! They're inseparable. Too cute! I'm sure your wondering who I'm talking about... It's my parents, Nick & Sally von Gymnich.

For those of you who didn't know... My mother & partner at the rooster Sally is off to France with my dad (Nick Sr.)! Soooo not fair... Just had to get that off my chest! No, I'm really happy for them. She will be enjoying a nice gorgeous vacation with my dad... Much NEEDED for her & him too! I know I have told all of you before, but mom really is the rooster. She does soooo much! I have to pick up where she left off... Hope I can do it as well as her! Cross your fingers & pray for me. Ha ha ha

I'm so not lying... I feel like this is my family... The Griswold's! I was very fortunate to travel a lot as a child. My family went everywhere & did everything together... & grandma (Gigi) came too... Go von Gymnich's! So much fun.

Keep you posted on the von Gymnich European Vacation

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