Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, we're getting ready for Halloween here at the Scully household... As well as the rooster is too! The rustic rooster puts up all it's Halloween decor October 1st... We don't try & sell, sell, sell months before the Holiday is ever here! So watch the rooster October 1st... It will take a ghoulish transformation! Since I have little ones that think Halloween is tomorrow or even their birthdays are every day... I had to start the Decorating/setting up a little early in our house. Ryan's costume just arrived (OMG he looks so cute!) & Grandma is making Taylor's costume. She can't wait... That's a secrete till Halloween night! I did purchase some Halloween flash lights for the night. OK, the best place to go for inexpensive goodies that you can toss is the 99 Cents store her in Encinitas. Dangerous... But, so much fun with the kids! We got this guy that you grow grass for hair... We did it once before when Taylor when she was really little. Now that Taylor is big enough to enjoy it & Ryan kind of... I decided to do it again. I got this guy up at the outlets in Carlsbad at the toy store. Kind of expensive but worth it because it's a fun project to do. We pulled out our adorable Halloween sign (purchased at the rustic rooster) & hung it up now... the pumpkins are next... That's daddy's job. He loves that stuff! Fun to watch...

The Pumpkin man... Getting ready to grow some grass hair!
So fun to watch... Kids love it! Plus you get to give your
pumpkin a hair cut.


Soak your pumpkins head in water. Fully submerge it until all the bubbles are gone...

Put the put the plastic top on it to make a green house affect... For about 5 to 7 days. Then you should see some grass sprouting. Take the top off and watch your little man get hair!

Haven't got to STEP 4 yet... When I do I will show you....


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