Friday, September 25, 2009

Bone Straight

Well, I did it again... One of my crazy beauty tricks!

Last September I straightened my hair with the Japanese straightening treatment. Wow, it was amazing! Wash & go... Love it! It lasted for almost a year on me. Every one's hair is different so it might last longer or less... I could have done it again in 8 months after I had it done because of my re-growth... but with 2 kids, full time job & a small social life I didn't do it then. My birthday rolled around & I said, Wa La... The only down side about this treatment is that it takes 3 hours at the salon, you can't wash your hair for 3 days, put it in a pony tail or even put a hat on. They don't want any dents or water to ruin the procedure... I need to be in hibernation right now. I swear I put deodorant & perfume on. Ha ha ha So this is what my hair looks like right now... Love it!!! I will show you all a picture after I've washed it...

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