Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trademarked & Registered!

Hello Blogger friends... I'm a little MIA for the next two weeks. My daughter Taylor is out on summer break... I'm spending some much needed time with her!

I do want to bring up something super important & very frustrating to me right now... I need to vent! Thanks for listening (who ever is)! rustic rooster is a trademarked & registered company. We hope to really grow BIG (carefully & smart) one day! So we wanted to take the correct & proper steps to do so. For all of you who don't know... becoming trademarked & registered is a very long & expensive process. Look at Target or Nike's logo they have an R in a circle. That's registered. We did it & legally have it! So that means no one can use your name or sell products like you with that name... Hello!!! You need to do your research when you start a company. You really do. It's not just about liking a name & getting an LLC it's more than that! Well, some of our customers have started to approach us & let us know that they have been super confused about all of these other rustic rooster's on the Internet. We apologize because we are the true one & only rustic rooster. Legally (have proof) we have been in business longer & so we do have the upper hand in all of this. Once again we have done our research! We have asked all of them kindly in a certified/documented ceased & desist letters from our Trademarking attorney to change their names. No one (actually 1 lady did do so... Thank you English!) has complied. We did get 1 phone call, 1 e-mail saying that they were changing their website (have not) and one nasty letter from an attorney obviously not a trademarking attorney (basically shot themselves in the foot because everything they said in the letter is exactly what we're fighting for... Hello!!!!!) When the economy took a turn for the worst out of respect for people going belly up we backed off & said we will approach them all later. Our company has been super strong & successful right now & we have finally gotten fed up with all the confusion they're bring our customers. I do want to state they better be ready... IT'S ON! Unfortunately, they all have no case to fight because we have all the documents to show & taken every single proper steps to become trademarked & registered.

©2000 - 2009, rustic rooster® inc.

All Trademarks are TM's and / or Registered TM's of rustic rooster
Please repect us and change your names... we are the one and only rustic rooster... FOREVER!

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