Thursday, August 6, 2009


HELLO my blogger friends...

I'M BACK! I know you all missed me, I missed you all so much too! Secretly, I really did miss writing! Life with kids, working full time & trying to have a fun social life keeps me away from my BLOG sometimes. Bad rooster chick. Bad Bad Bad! I do get tired (I'm human... LOL) occasionally. Wow, can you believe that.

Where do I begin...

I want to start by saying Mom & I are the most down to earth people you will ever meet. We're honest, hard working & very fun gals! We love a good laugh... When we get silly (or stupid) & crack ourselves up at the rooster... It's for real. I know some of you were wondering so I just had to let you know... What you see is what you get with the rooster chicks!


The rooster got some new goodies (furniture & accessories)... Check them all out:

1.) Sea foam Tall dresser

2.) White Tall dresser

3.) New seascape art work From Diane Dudek... Gorgeous!

4.) New Barcelona Bags... Perfect year round in San Diego (anywhere)
* I use mine for design meetings, picnics, beach days ... etc.

5.) Vintage old Bench - SOLD

Ran into my old design assistant, Christina's (don't get confused with Christina my current assistant) Mother-in-law... We got to chatting away & I basically finalized my next years summer plans to the East Coast. She has a summer rental on Martha's Vineyard. DONE! I'm going for two weeks to the Vineyard in August next year. I will keep you in the loop!!! Yes, I still need to pay & talk with Sean... So it's not set in stone but, I'm on it.

In my plans for next summer we will first stop by my Uncles home in Marble head for a few days & then do the leap over to the Vineyard next! Take a peek at his home... To die for!

Front of my uncles home... Best picture I could find.

Back of my Uncles home

By the way Christina (my old dear assistant) has an amazing BLOG called HUNT (a BLOG to check out!)

Now I want to leave you with some fun picture of my wild things...

This is when Taylor first saw her little brother (April 3, 2008) & gave him a hug. Too cute! I love this picture so much!!!! I think I was actually crying when I saw her do this. Nice pregnancy hormones.

Look at them... NOW

Hmmm I have an idea! I'm going to get Ryan with water
(That's what she's thinking!)

The distracting giggle.... ha ha ha I'm so funny Ryan (he has no clue what's coming for him!)


Still trying to block the water from his crazy sister! I thin this was the 3rd attack... He did get smarter to block the face.

Nice hat Taylor... Her attack hat. Taylor thinks her work is done for the night.
Actually mine has just begun...

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