Thursday, August 2, 2018

shower time

Do you have an outdoor shower? We don't, but hopefully soon will! Today our contractor came over to give us a bid for creating one... OH I remember the 1st outdoor shower I ever took. It was on Cape Cod working for CBI {Chatham Bars Inn} for the summer. I got asked to visit a friends parents house for the weekend to go on an adventure. They sent me outside to take my shower... I was actually very nervous and a little hesitant. I thought the world was watching me and I was freaked out. Ha Ha... Once I realized no one could see me I was hooked... Truth I actually got asked to get out of the shower because I was in there way too long. It was so liberating... And free feeling. I loved it! Lets just say, I think I will be outside majority of the time taking my showers from now! LOL


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