Tuesday, November 21, 2017

f a m i l y

When I look at this home it screams F A M I L Y to me. I can picture  someone  standing outside yelling... "Dinner's ready and whistling for the dog to come in as well." All the memories I had growing up... Well, my mom actually did a whistle five times with her hand {It was amazing... Now that I'm 42 I can finally do it}.We said our good byes and started running! Times were definitely different back then. Families were cherished, respect was high and kids were more free to play!  Unfortunately, times have changed... But guess what that doesn't mean you have to change with the times. Nope! I'll design the classics, teach my kids to say please and thank you and try my hardest to let my kids be kids. I met with a new design client the other day and we had the most fabulous conversation... I swear I feel people are placed in our lives for a reason. We can either accept things or ignore them... Well, time passed by so freely without a care in the world and our conversation was so meaningful. Once I got in my car I literally said wow, she's so right. Lessons are presented to us for a reason. I love that!  Do you feel people are placed in our lives for a reason... To teach us lessons and help us grow? Hmmmm Makes you think! What do you think? But, before I go, How amazing is this house... I love every inch of it. It's perfect in my eyes!!! I do think I was meant to live on the east coast. One day... I do believe {wink}!

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