Thursday, April 27, 2017


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How's your 2 0 1 7 going? I know we're a few months into this year, but have you stuck to all of your goals? To be honest with you I have! I didn't make that many because I always over commit and then loose steam half way through the year and kind of give up. T R U T H... I just quit... And walk away! This year I decided not to walk away! I wanted to really change my mindset on my work, my children, my eating, my exercising and traveling! 

1.) My W O R K... I've been slowing down my projects so I can focus on the ones I have. I'm a one woman show and I want to do my jobs as well as I can! In doing this I have increased my waiting list for projects and have made my clients beyond happy with their end results!  I'm more content with this type of work then seeing dollar signs and squeezing in people left and right to make everyone happy. I can't do that anymore... Because I won't be able to deliver the results everyone wants. Starting off honest with my clients... My projects go super smooth and beautifully! In the end everyone is happy and I can sleep at night {haha}!

2.) My C H I L D R E N... I know you all have heard from my previous posts that my children are my world, well they are! So everyday I try and try to be a better mom. Not going to lie I have my moments of freak-outs and guilt of cracking on them. That comes with the package of parenting! Raising 2 children in this day-in-age is very difficult. I try my hardest to be beyond patient and listen to them more and more now. They have such  adorable and strong little voices that I love hearing them speak. If I'm upset I give myself a 5 minute timeout and walk away. They crack up when I do this. Hey it works... Try it! Ryan says, Mom why do you tap your head and walk away... I said, Well its better I tap my head then hit yours! He agreed to that!  Plus, we have decided to try new things together... Like cooking classes, eating new and fun veggies/fruit and traveling much more! So far they're on board! 

3.) My E A T I N G... Oh the common topic for everyone! I love to cook and I love to eat! I know you can do it correctly... But then the problem of portions come into play with me. Since it tastes so good why not eat it all up! Uhhhhh Their you go... That's my ultimate problem! I eat too much! So what I've been doing is cutting my portions in 1/2 and sticking to it. Its been helping me shrink my stomach. I got the extra push last week with my sculpt instructor to do a 10 day cleanse. OK let me state one thing... I don't do week long juicing cleanses I can't and won't. For me I need food... Real food! So now for 10 days I have cut out, flour, sugar, dairy and alcohol. Holy smokes its working and its easy! I just need to get creative with what to make because i've been stuck in my carb ways. {FYI}... I had a glass of wine last night with friends and are you ready for this I feel so bad. My head hurts and my body is sluggish. So their you go... My cleanse is working. 

4.) My E X E R C I S I N G... I'm pushing myself harder and harder to conquer this part. I'm in such a good groove right now and loving it. I did injury myself this past summer. I know I will always hit walls and hurt myself, that just comes with the territory. Plus, as I age I know certain things I shouldn't do. But for the first time ever I feel being 40, I've been getting in better shape than I have ever  been in my life. I feel really good... Yes sore, but it's a good sore. The one that you say, wow I did it! I accomplished an awesome workout today and its going to change my body! You've got this {lol}! I'm running and doing sculpt pretty much everyday and truly enjoying it! As well as making small goals so I can go farther and longer with my workouts. For example... I only push myself for 5 days hard and then take a day off and be lazy. But what's been happening to me is I crave 5 more days... And keep going. 

5.)TRAVELING... I've noticed the more I travel and get out I enjoy life more! Happy mom Happy life {wink}! For a while I wasn't exploring and seeing what the world had to offer... So after watching a lot of my friends jet set all over I knew that traveling was going to be a must in 2017 for me and my little ones. So far so good... We've stuck to our resolutions and are  traveling. As a child I was beyond fortunate to travel so much... And so far! Now that's all I want to do for my kids. Give them the gift of exploring the world! I want them to open their eyes up and see everything the world has to offer. You would love sitting at our dinner table and hearing our travel wishes and wants. I have a list of places we want to go to. Hopefully we can get a pinch of our constantly growing list accomplished this year!  

How are you doing with your 2017 resolutions? Keeping them... Or ditching them?
I would love to know!!!

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