Saturday, November 5, 2016


Sorry for being a little MIA... My kids have been on fall break. We were supposed to jet off to Hawaii like we did last year, but the prices tripped literally the second we stepped of the plane from that last trip {hahah}... So that adventure was taken off the table. Next we were going to jet off to Cabo... Hit a tiny little hiccup with Passports... Which we later fond out that we didn't even need passports for Cabo {ughhhhh}... So to quickly find fun for my littles... We went to a few places to spread the time and fun out. Are you ready?!?!  

Oh my we sure had a good time! We were tired and super dirty by the end {6 loads of laundry}. I guess that's a true sign of a great trip! My family as you all know means the world to me... So taking time off from work to enjoy a vacation with them was a done deal {wink}! Seeing their little faces light up with joy is really all I need. This vacation was a definite adventure... We laughed at pretty much everything and ran from a few things {huge water slides}... But in the end we all came together as one!  I will only have these moments with my little ones for a little bit longer, so I want to embrace every second with them as much as possible. We have already started planning our next few adventures and we can't wait. 


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