Wednesday, August 3, 2016

{scully style}

It's Scully Style time... Seriously that sounds too funny! Almost like when you ring a bell and scream to your kids... It's dinner time! Can't you just picture me now sitting at a table discussing fashion with other fashionistas! Ha Love it! So with that said, about two weeks ago I walked into J.Crew to try on the new ruffle white shirt that I saw in the catalogue. I was beyond excited to try it on. Unfortunately, I was informed at the store that it was only available online. It was so cute... Why did they not have it in the store. Why!?!?! Well, I decided to just order it. I figured if it doesn't look good I can just return it... Last Friday it arrived. O. M. G. it is unbelievably adorable! I love everything about this shirt. I think I'm going to order the blue and white top as swell! Here's a little bit of advise... Go into J.Crew to order your purchase because you will get free shipping.  That definitely helps out... And order that top!!!
I put this outfit together to show you can take casual jeans and dress them up with a fun ruffled top, heals and some beautiful jeweled earrings. Add a casual cardigan, fun bag and some flats and you have a day outfit... My mom always taught me buy staple expensive pieces and then you can always mix in fun in-expensive pieces. You will always look fabulous... Promise! 

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