Tuesday, July 5, 2016

oh so pretty

Feeling oh so pretty is huge... Every woman understands what I mean. Lately {for the past few weeks}, I've been journaling when I wake up. This might sound silly to some, but I actually look forward to doing it before I start my day. I write my wishes and wants {goals} in life down and write about loving myself {curves, frustration, silliness and all}! Try it... It's interesting and slightly liberating! A hot cup of coffee in one hand and a journal in another. Loving yourself is very powerful. As my therapist once told me... Claim it to tame it! Get your thoughts out of your mind and on paper so you can see how to break down your problem{s} or how to achieve your goal{s}. These pictures bring beauty to my mind. Maybe it's the pink, but each image shows a feminine touch and elegance. Simplicity at its finest... Oh so pretty! 


  1. Great way to start the day! I usually end my day journaling but may have to start in the morning to give myself goals and affirmations for the day!

  2. Oh Love the idea to journal at night... Ending the day on what you did and how you can maybe change it for the next day. I like that as well!!! Just getting your thoughts on paper is always positive!!! xoxo


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