Saturday, July 30, 2016

f r i d a y... fun

So I've decided to try new things and go to new places as much as possible... Hey you only live once!  Sometimes you just have to get out of dodge {Encinitas} and have a little fun... So last night me and the littles decided to venture down to Point Loma, San Diego and go to the Liberty Public Market.  Fun! I follow them on my Instagram account and have been captivated with all of their fabulous drool worthy food photos and cool events.  FYI... Go and explore! I think you will have to agree with me... Its definitely a good place to venture to with friends and your kiddos! Oh yes... That's a chocolate chip cookie coming out of Ryans mouth {sorry}... My adventures with with my loves are a non stop laughing sessions! I think we took about 5,000 selfies and this one was the best. HaHa... Enjoy! Everyday I always give thanks to my adventure partners {i'm truly blessed}

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