Thursday, January 7, 2016

are you ready

 {all style images are from rustic rooster pinterest}

Oh my gosh this weather is absolutely crazy right now in San Diego. First we get an alert that there are flash flood warnings... Then we get a second alert that there's a tornado warning and stay inside. Hello, I've never had that happen before on my phone... Crazy! So of course my thoughts go exactly like this... 

1.) Hope everyone is ok?!?!
2.) Stay off your phone when driving {NO texting} 
3.) Drive slowly and cautiously this is when all accidents happen {SoCal people do not know how to drive in rain... It's a fact}! 
4.) OMG do I have the right clothes for this weather?!?!

So I've pictured everything I believe I need for El Nino in San Diego! Did I leave anything out? Please add!

Oh wait I believe I need these things as well... {wink}

1.) Boat to sail through the streets in {a must}.
2.) A strong Orange Italian Mule.
3.) A sexy captain to sail my boat... {huge smile} 
4.) Homemade old fashioned glazed and sugar donuts... So good for the soul!

 {all images are from rustic rooster pinterest boards}


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