Monday, December 14, 2015

christmas spirit

So are you getting into the holiday spirit yet? Have you hung your christmas lights? How many glasses of eggnog {spiked} have you had? Are you eating to many cookies... Truth!?!? lol Sorry, for all the questions. I just   wanted to find out if we were all on the same page here... {wink}!  I'm a little slow on that holiday train right now, but it's starting to move forward! My Christmas cards arrived on Wednesday so that has definitely pushed me one step forward into the spirit! I had a few too many eggnogs on Saturday night at a christmas party... So fun! So I guess I am starting to get into the groove of Christmas. Shhh I did wear a holiday sparkle vest. Let's just say it was unbelevaibly amazing {see it here}! I've realized lately the only thing I need and want this Christmas season is tons of love and laughter!  As I hit my 40's my mind set had definitely changed... In so many different ways! Maybe I'm getting more mature. hahaha  So get your pretty holiday outfits out... Mail your christmas cards... Tell a joke... Drink some eggnog... And hang those lights and wreaths asap! We can do this! Just call me and I can tell you a joke and help you hang your Christmas lights!


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