Tuesday, August 18, 2015

we made it...

 {paul ecke central 2015}

OK... We all survived the 1st day of school {yaaaa}! Taylor and Ryan loved their 1st day back. Thank God! It's always a moms fear that they're not going to be happy or comfortable. Nope... Not my little babies! Each one got in the car raving about their teachers, classrooms and even about the new friends they made. No joke I had a heart warming mom moment. This one really cracked me up... Ryan stated that his teacher is "soooo strict", but he absolutely loved that. He felt it was a very good environment for him. I'll raise my hand to that! Yesterday was especially good for me as well... I got laundry done {4 loads}, cleaned my house {each room}, did dishes and even got a full days worth of work in! WOW I love that! 

I'm so happy we all made it... It's onward and upward for me and the littles this year! 


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