Wednesday, September 10, 2014

it's time...


I'll be the first to raise my hand... It's time San Diego cools down! This heat wave is so crazy! I'm ok with a few days of heat mixed in with humidity... But really I have slightly wavy hair {looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket if I don't straighten it} and my bun is looking old!  My boots have so much dust on them. I'm now complaining of allergies. When I look at my sweaters I break out in a huge rash and start itching. Now I can't sleep because of this heat... 2 fans and all windows open doesn't even cut it!  All I want to do Is bake yummy fall treats... Yaaa I tried that Monday night and almost fell over because of a heat stroke... Shhhhh I was stuffing my face with a few too many blondies as well.  I missed my sculpt heated yoga class Monday night because it was too hot! I haven't done a proper run in days...  Oppps I've just realized that I'm complaining way too much. Sorry! Is this heat wave killing you all too? Do tell!!!! What have you been doing to keep cool! I guess I need to do more outside meetings and drink tons more ice water... I will remind myself nothing negative stays that way forever... It will soon change in due time {wink}!   

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