Wednesday, July 16, 2014

work + play

Who says you have to work and not have any fun in the office... No way!  You need to love what you do... Especially where you work. Work should be about leopard heels, nutella croissant sandwiches, gorgeous white blooming roses and an amazing carriage house as an office space. Hello... Of course it should! I would be so productive!!! I know this is my perfect work + play  space!  Having fun and enjoying yourself really can help your productivity. I do believe!  I notice when my offices is clean, I dress as stylish that I can and I eat something delicious... I'm on fire at the office!!! Actually yesterday I wore my new Rikshaw dress,  ate a fabulous salad from Seaside Market... OK truth... And a huge original chocolate chip cookie {OMG do die for}... And kicked butt with my assistant. I love these days! So here's some advice... Keep your chin up and start each day like it's your last. Laugh, Love and LIVE! Oh working hard doesn't hurt either... {wink}

have fun...  

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