Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hi bloggers! Sorry for the radio silence. Its been a tough year for me... Don't worry I'm gonna tell you all later about it.  As some of you know, I'm the most real and honest person out there... So you will definitely get a mouth full!  I'm just not ready to tell my story yet! Plus, I think my situation will help a lot of people... 

I've wanted to blog for the last week so bad, but my kids have been glued to me. Moms you know what I mean {wink}.  My creative juices are definitely starting to flow again and I want to share so much with you all... Interior Design, life, food, adventures, fun... Etc. Well, summer is  here and I love it! I found a summer nanny and signed the kids up for some fabulous camps. Cross your fingers it all goes well. I know I'll hit some hiccups along the way, but hey that's life.

So how's your summer going? Anything fun happening? We've been to the Fair already. OMG we had such a blast! Not gonna lie I only really go for the Cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting... Too die for! A must try...

 {me pigging out}

OK, I do love seeing the smiles on my kids  faces each time they go on a ride, but the cinnamon roll really takes precedence  {hahah}.  

I'm so thankful that I have a very close family and we all live so close to each other. So Taylor and Ryan get to spend almost every waking day with their cousins. They love it! These pictures above crack me up of the kids... So cute and funny! It's always an adventure when we get together... Non stop laughs! My cousin, Polly  and I kept laughing at the people. I feel mean saying that, but OMG it was hysterical to watch everyone. A definite life changer... Do's and don'ts on disciplining your children and do's and don'ts on what to wear. So when we left the fair we all had HUGE permanent smiles on our faces... Good Times! much needed for our hearts and souls! 

Tell me what your plans are for the summer... Would love to hear all about! 


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  1. I love that you and the kids are close to your cousins - I grew up with cousins and I am still very close to them! Cousins are the best. Nice to see you back and blogging. Big hug and we need to do lunch soon! xoxoAlicia (sorry to post anonymous - my kids signed me out of my account and I can't figure out how to sign back in!).


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